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Towing Service

This is a picture of a towing service.The towing service that we bring to the Nampa area are the ones in which we built our reputation. Ensuring that you have the capability to move your car, truck, motorcycle or otherwise quickly, efficiently and affordably is our goal and when you make the call to our professionals you can depend on the widest range of possibilities. Maintain control over your parking lot or get your newly acquired used car home quickly with the affordable towing service that we bring to the city.

Short Haul Towing

Whether you’ve bought a vehicle online but don’t have the necessary licensing in place yet in order to drive it home, or your vehicle has broken down at home and you need an efficient means of getting to a service shop, our short-haul towing service provides you with the results you’re looking for. We bring you the towing service you need to handle any vehicle type and to ensure that your vehicle gets to where it needs to go in the best possible state.

For cheap towing you can count on, we invite you to call Nampa Towing Service at any time.

Long Haul Towing

Nampa Towing Service also provides the city with the means to have effective and affordable long-haul towing options available. Whether you’re going to the next city or the next state, you can depend on our experts to provide you with the efficiency you need as well as the care and attention required to ensure that your vehicle arrives in the exact state in which we picked it up. No matter the distance you need to go, you can count on Nampa Towing Service to provide you with a cheap tow truck that delivers services that belie its affordability.

Special Towing

From motorcycle towing to show car and boat services, you have the options you’re looking for available to you through the quality services of Nampa Towing Service. We have the equipment and experience needed to bring you results no matter the vehicle you need to move and are dedicated to delivering the cheapest call in town.

From removing illegally parked cars to ensuring that you have the flat bed you need available to you, making the call to the experts at Nampa Towing Service will deliver results you can count on no matter the vehicle type you have.

24-Hour Service

Not only do we bring you efficiency and affordability in the towing company you choose but also provide you with the means to obtain those services no matter the time of day. Our experts are stationed around the city at all times to ensure that when you make the call to our offices, our dispatcher gets a seasoned professional on the road to you immediately.

Whether in the middle of rush hour traffic or in the middle of the night, making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to Nampa Towing Service will provide you with a cheap towing company you can depend on.

Affordable Towing
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