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Nampa Towing Service

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Affordable Towing
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About Us

We have been bringing Nampa more than just affordable towing over the last number of years we’ve been providing service to the city. With a dedication to bringing a cheap towing service you can count on, reliable roadside assistance and a high level of expertise no matter the offering we’re fulfilling, making the choice to reach out to our experts will provide you with more than you expect from a towing company. When looking for results you can depend on no matter the issue, you can trust in the expertise we bring to the city.


No matter the vehicles on the road, there will always be a need for those who can provide you with assistance when it comes to issues with mobility. Nampa Towing Service is dedicated to bringing the Nampa area reliable roadside assistance and cheap towing in order to give you the peace of mind that comes with easy access to solutions of all types. Making the choice to reach out to our experts will deliver results of all types to your mobility issues.

Our Services

Every time we pick up a cleaning product, or turn on a hose, the reason for it is clear, and that’s to bring the best possible detailing solution for your vehicles needs. We aim to be the company that changes the landscape of Langley’s roads one car at a time by providing high quality work, and attention to detail to beautify our vehicles, and in turn to add more to an already beautiful city. For more information on any of our services, feel free to read below, it’s corresponding details page, or to call into our offices at your convenience.

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We bring you the cheap towing service you need to handle any manner of mobility required. Whether you have a new vehicle that needs to be transported home, or need a flatbed to tow your ATV, you can count on Nampa Towing Service to provide you with the quality you need at an affordable price. We have been the source of affordable local towing for years and look forward to providing you with results

The need for towing can come at any time, which means that your local towing company has to have the availability to provide you with the services you require around the clock. Nampa Towing Service has been providing quality 24-hour tow truck services to the city for many years and through stationing our experts around the city, have the capability to get to you quickly no matter where you are or what time it is.

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The range of roadside assistance services we bring to the city is only matched by the number of issues that can plague your vehicle while on the roads. Whether you find yourself out of gas, need a winch service or require towing places nearby to provide you with the means to get your vehicle to a service station, calling in our professionals will bring you speed and efficiency in the services we provide.

Finding yourself unable to start your vehicle can be frustrating and our experts are here to ensure that you have the necessary means to a jumpstart required. We understand that not every vehicle today is equipped with the jumper cables needed and that your issue can happen in the most inconvenient of locations, which is why each of our vehicles is stocked with the equipment needed to provide you with quick and efficient means of powering your vehicle.

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Whether through a slow leak or by puncturing your tire, finding that you are running flat presents an issue that needs to be addressed. You can count on our cheap tow trucks to belie their affordability by bringing you the fully stocked vehicles needed to deal with any of your flat tire issues. Whether helping you change your tire or bringing you to a local garage, you can depend on our service for results.

Stepping out of your vehicle only to spot your keys on the wrong side of a locked door is a problem that we’ve all faced at one point or another. Having the access you need to skilled locksmiths can provide you with the capability to quickly and safely get back within your car or truck and Nampa Towing Service are the experts that bring this service. From cheap towing service to unlocking your doors, we are always here for you.

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Contact Us

In order to access the services you’re looking for, the initial means of contact needs to be swift and reliable. Making the call to Nampa Towing Service will provide you with the capability to speak directly with a knowledgeable professional ready and willing to bring you the results you seek no matter the time of day. From 24-hour towing service to roadside assistance you can count on to get you back on your way, choosing the expertise of your local tow truck company will provide you with results you can depend on at an affordable price at all times.


“When looking for towing places near me I came across Nampa Towing Service. I was glad to find out that they provided motorcycle towing as I had six I needed moved. The service was great, and the driver took extra care to keep my bikes safe and protected.” – Jason R.


“After my accident I needed a tow truck service near me that could arrive quickly and best of all, be affordable. Nampa Towing Service was more than willing to accommodate my needs and were on site in a hurry. I know I will be calling them again if needed.” – Paula W.


“I had bought a new car that didn’t start, so I needed a cheap towing service near me to bring it to my home. Nampa Towing Service was quick to respond to my call and had an expert at the seller’s home in no time. Great service all around.” – Jim E.

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